Remembering Dandiefan - Mary Ostrand

On February 16, 2009 Mary Ostrand (Dandiefan) died during a fire in her home in Santa Barbara California. The Independent carried the story.

Mary's constant companion, Caitlin her Dandie Dinmont Terrier was found safely in a bedroom.

Mary was the president of the local AKC club, The Channel City Kennel Club, actively tutored students in mathematics and enjoyed her life in California.

Mary's love of Colin Firth and Jane Austen Fan Fiction brought her into our world. Mary was a kind soul who was incredibly supportive of the Authors at The Meryton Literary Society and other sites she frequented. She religiously commented on the stories she was reading, always encouraging the authors of the stories to continue their efforts and write more.

Our Members Speak

This is terribly sad news. Mary's faithful, consistent and tremendously supportive comments on the many stories she read will be very sadly missed.

Mary was so excited about Caitlin's pregnancy and the prospect of puppies; it seems very cruel that she should lose her life now.

There is a lovely thread of comments about Mary from people who knew her as a teacher and dog owner in the Santa Barbara area on Santa Barbara Edhat


What sad news! Mary was a faithful reader and commenter of so many JA fanfiction authors. Her presence on this and other sites will be sorely missed. My prayers are for her family and friends.

~Debbie S

It was such a shock to read of Mary's death. I remember her as being constant in her comments on my stories, and she was always so positive. I will miss her, and send up prayers for her friends and family, which includes Caitlin.


Just a few short weeks ago, my 9-year-old son and I had coffee with Mary and Aimee while we were in Santa Barbara. It's so strange to think that Mary is now gone. Makes you think about how fragile life can be. I'm glad her dog is okay and has a home. I believe Mary has moved on to a new adventure, but we will miss her.


In Honour of
Mary's Life

The Channel City Kennel club is very supportive of Pet Charities. One of the charities that they support is:

D.A.W.G. (Dog Adoption and Wellfare Group) is a no-kill shelter located near Mary's home in Santa Barbara California.

D.A.W.G. depends on the generosity of others; our loving dogs need your support! Costs for care varies greatly. For example, to spay or neuter a dog is $50. Sponsoring a kennel for a dog awaiting a permanent home is $300. Medical care, food and general supplies can add up. Expansion of our facilities is an ongoing project. Your financial support is greatly appreciated not only by the D.A.W.G. staff and volunteers, but especially by our dogs.

You can find out more about D.A.W.G.'s mission and goals by clicking Visiting D.A.W.G.

The Meryton Literary Society has already made a $100 donation in Mary's name.

To donate to D.A.W.G. via Paypal, click

Donations made using this link go directly to D.A.W.G. - A no Kill Shelter in Santa Barbara

And for anyone who would like to leave a message of Condolence or Memory for the public to see, visit the:

In Memorium Guestbook for
Mary Ostrand (Dandiefan)
Rest in Peace, our Dearest Dandiefan. ~Your Meryton Literary Society Family
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