Meryton Reading Room - Guidelines

The Meryton Reading Room will be open to authors who: 

  1. Have posted a completed story at A Happy Assembly
  2. Have a PDF in the Pemberley Library
  3. Have previously had their stories hosted on the Meryton Server.

 Grandfathering Clause: All authors who meet one of the three requirements above as of January 1st, 2009 may include all previously completed works on their page hosted by Meryton Literary Society.

The Meryton Reading Room is an archive for completed stories. New stories should first be posted complete in serial form on AHA before being added to your archive page. Once your page is established, you may also add your other vignettes, out-takes, one-shots, challenges, drabbles, etc. to your pages.  This space will also allow you to exhibit your original works, as long as the original work has been posted previously on AHA or has been grandfathered  and follows Meryton‚Äôs copyright rules.

Each author is responsible for their own page and all its formatting.  Meryton management will provide a set of instructions and offer some technical help, but the responsibility to create, upload, update and maintain their page is in the hands of the author.

As with all stories housed at Meryton Literary Society the copyright remains with the author alone. You control the contents of your page, within the MLS guidelines. If you decide to remove your page from the Meryton Reading Room, please inform the administration. We will provide, if desired, a link to their new location or a notice of why the story is no longer available for 30 days.

Any work that is rated MA on AHA must contain a notice that the work contains material that is unsuitable for minors.

MLS reserves all rights to remove or refuse to host any work that appears to be avoiding or violating the guidelines of the Meryton Reading Room.




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